• Stephanie Mummert

Call for Spring

Western View - 6x6 oil sketch w/ palette knife

There is a small window on a winter’s day

Where shadows long turn violet gray,

And the misty moon begins to rise

As the sun sets in western skies.

Another day has come and gone

With many a duty left undone.

Tomorrow waits for no one still

As we hide away from winter’s chill.

Spring soon will come and with it, warmth,

Foliage and flowers then henceforth.

New life in fields and pastures born,

Winter’s death we’ll cease to mourn.

Oh, come soon spring-tide, make haste,

And with you be all death erased.

Faith and long-suffering earn their reward,

Hope made tangible, vitality restored.

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All artwork and content © 2021 Stephanie Mummert

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