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A Better Word from Eric

There's a Storm Coming . 9x12 oil/cwm

I thought I had a pretty good draft written up for April's blog entry. Even though it was written in the beginning of March before hell (COVID-19) broke loose across the country, the subject was about fear. Not the kind of fear we're facing with the virus, but fear of rejection of our efforts. Fear of moving forward in our lives or careers. Fear that keeps us halted and dormant. Ironically, that's exactly what we've been asked to do at this moment in time: stay isolated. I knew I needed to transform my words, but really didn't know how (it's one of those precious times where I remain speechless). After reading Eric Rhoad's March 29th blog, his words seemed perfect for the situation, and it is for this reason that I'm posting today instead of originally scheduled Sunday, April 5th. It's worth the time to read, for right now, time is pretty much all we have.

Stay strong, beloved. This winter, too, shall pass.

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